About Sureway

Sureway Civil will stick to its founding mission statement as follows

Sureway Civil is committed to delivering safe, high quality, cost effective projects on schedule. To maintain the highest levels of intregrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, subcontractors and employees. We have the personnel, the knowledge, and the attitude; we are your value-added civil specialists.

Management Skills

Given we are a smaller company, we benefit from operating with a streamlined management system. When a client or their representative needs to contact us, they talk directly to Brandon, with whom 'the buck stops'. In this way any issues which may arise during the course of the job are quickly and amicably resolved. Brandon and his team recognise the importance of maintaining excellent relationships with the client, the consulting engineer and the public. We have regular in-house site meetings in which we discuss interaction with the public, and the means to overcome possible friction. We will also deliver a Contract Quality Plan specific to the job.


With regards to machinery, the philosophy of Sureway Civil is to utilise the abundance of quality dry hire machinery available from the likes of Goughs Cat Rental and Hirepool. In doing so, we ensure our team is always supplied with top quality equipment and machinery suited to the project. We also have access to a pool of equipment shared with our business partners (as listed below) to make sure we are never caught short. We have at our disposal many loyal subcontractors including Gleeson and Cox Transport, Eastern Earthmovers and Fulton Hogan, as well as numerous quality subcontractors for kerbing and retaining walls.

Coverage Area

The short version: The whole of New Zealand.

The slightly longer version: When we started several years ago we covered the greater Auckland area. Since then the company growth in personnel and machinery has enabled us to undertake work all over the country.


We aim to complete our contracts in the minimum time, exceeding the specified quality, by eliminating all errors. We also programme our work to cause as little as possible interruption to the surrounding businesses, residents and general public.

Quality Assurance

Our QA plan is comprehensive. We pay particular attention to the materials we supply, stringing of sub grades, compaction, finishing and hotmix resurfacing.

Community Partnerships

Sureway is proud to take an active role in our community. We believe that by supporting community and charity projects, Sureway is helping to make New Zealand a better place.